Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Marry me, each and every day...

Emily and Jeremy's wedding day has now come and gone. The day was nothing short of beautiful. All week long we just knew it was going to rain. The night before the wedding it poured! But only a small amount of sprinkles on the actual wedding day.  We started off the day by shutting down the salon. (benefit of the bride and 2 of her bridesmaids being stylists in the same salon) 
 Naomi (right) and I (left) lacing up the corset on Emily's gown.
When we were finished we went over to the R-Ranch in Dahlonega for pictures, the ceremony and reception.  (I didn't have time to take any pictures during the wedding and we haven't gotten but a few of the professional ones back yet) 
The view from the ceremony. 

The Arbour.. (Tiffany's husband Brad built this)
The sand.. 
Newlyweds walking out to "I believe in a thing called love" by the darkness.
Just one of the many flower arrangements made by the MOB's life long friend Terie Cox and her daughter Audrey. They did such a fantastic job.
Some of the tables from the reception. The entire wedding was beautifully decorated by Tiffany's amazing mom Sandra. She did such a fabulous job. I've never seen a more beautiful wedding.

The new song by Train filled the beautiful reception as the Bride and Groom has their first dance as husband and wife.

After dinner it was time to dance! Although the day after the wedding I definitely felt as though I dropped it too low and backed it up too far! LOL

The cupid shuffle
Three of the seven bridesmaids (and three of my very best friends). Nay, Tiff and Chelsea.

Mine and Nays husbands (Dusty and Patrick) had to get in on the action too.. wait for it..
Lord have mercy.

Me smiling at one of my favorite people in the world.
 Tiff had to break out her cowgirl boots.
 One of the professional pictures. Emily was the most beautiful bride I have ever seen. And her photographer is simply amazing.
Love, Amberly

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Here comes the bride..

My life long best friend is getting married this week. Emily and Jeremy have been engaged since December of 2010 and we have been planning all year. But for some reason today is the day it hit me that she is actually getting married. It was a bad time for it to hit me too because I got all emotional at work and I hate that. 

Emily and I have been friends since birth. She is 3 1/2 years younger than I am but that has never been an issue for us. Our moms were friends in high school. So I guess we were destined to be friends. Emily is tall, beautiful, dark complected and can be reserved until you get to know her (however when you get to know her she is extremely outgoing!)  Where as I'm short, pale and loud as hell. So I guess we sort of opposites. Emily has always been someone that I could completely be myself around no matter how dorky, silly, emotional or angry I was. The kind of friend every girl needs. (I will stop there because 1 I'm going to get emotional and 2 I have a speech to write)

To say I'm excited for Emily would be a huge understatement. I could not possibly be happier for her and Jerm. This week is flying by so quickly. I almost want time to sit still for just a minute. We've all been running around doing things for the wedding so much this week I haven't really had time to spend with her like I would like. I am however kicking Jeremy out of the house thursday night (night before the wedding) so that I can have one last sleepover with her. I know that she is going to make the most beautiful bride this world has ever seen.

Goodnight :)
Throw back photo.. matching snowman pajamas! 
There is nothing in life like having a best friend. 
Em and I on my wedding day. 
Jeremy and Emily. 

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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Up-dos, Estate Sales and Mason Jars..

is what my weekend consisted of. September-October is the return of wedding season, so usually my Saturdays are filled with brides and formal styles. This weekend was no exception. Saturday Abbie (co-worker) and I traveled to Cleveland (about 20 miles north of Dahlonega) for a wedding party of 9 women. 

Kellum Valley Farms

The beautiful (and excited) bride Amanda.

Sunday mom and I woke up bright and early to return to an Estate Sale I had been to Friday morning. Sundays are usually mark down day for Yard and Estate Sales. There was a roll top desk I had my eye and mind on that I saw Friday. We got there at 9 am when they opened and I immediately searched for the desk. It was there so I quickly made my offer of 50% less than the asking price.. And they accepted! No sooner than had they accepted did 2 women come up extremely upset that they had not been there first to buy the desk!
My new favorite antique piece! 

You can find some amazing deals at Estate Sales. We were able to fill boxes with all the items we wanted and then pay one small lump sum for everything. They are so desperate to empty the house by closing time on the last day you can really get a "steal"! We came home with 2 boxes of amazing pots and pans, cast iron skillets and silverware.

Another project I've been working on a while is a mason jar chandelier. I saw one on Pinterest and fell in love with it. I've been going to Antique Stores and searching for pieces worthy of my chandelier. I finally found 3 Ball Blue Mason Jars with zinc lids and quickly bought them up. I found a case of vintage mason jars at a yard sale that were perfect for this project. After a trip to my local Home Depot I was ready to start working on the chandelier. Luckily my good friend Rodney (affectionately known as RDP: his initials by his family and friends) is an electrician. I have to admit all I did to contribute to this project was buy the materials and poke holes in the mason jar lids. Without RDP this project would not have ever been completed.
My vintage mason jar collection..

The tools.. 

Thank God for electricians..
Finished :) 
Absolute Perfection. 

Hope Y'all had a great weekend as well! 

Love, Amberly

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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Just a small town girl...

Livin' in a lonely world!
Don't stop believin..Known as "The power ballad that refuses to die" has been an anthem for the young who wanted to feel free and unrestricted for over 20 years.. Also one of my favorite songs from one of my all time favorite bands.
Seeing Journey has been on my "bucket list" for years. Patrick was sweet enough to get me tickets to go see Journey for my birthday (back in May) and the concert was tonight. We took my parents for their anniversary (Journey is one of my moms favorites too). We made it to Lakewood Amphitheater in Atlanta just in time for the band to come on.  We had decent lawn seats thanks to my sweet friend Rebecca (Beck) for saving us a spot!

Beck and I before the concert started.. We were SUPER excited!!! 

 Mom and I during the concert.

For 2 hours we sang every song to the top of our lungs (and very off key might I add... I'm no Steve Perry) and had the best time! The new lead singer Filipino Arnel Pineda did a great job leading the band and crowd in a wide variety of the bands greatest hits (though he's no Steve Perry either.. but then who is?). 
I am already losing my voice. I hope my clients don't mind if I whisper all day tomorrow! ha! 
Crappy camera phone pic of the stage from our lawn seats. 
Mom, Dad, Patrick and I waiting for the band to start! 
Beck with her parents Gloria and Clay. We had a fun crowd!

Had such a great time. Too bad I have to be up in 5 hours for work.. Oh well it was completely worth it! Hope everyone has a great weekend! Excited for some SEC football.. 

 Roll Tide! 

I'll leave you with a fun video from the concert.. Enjoy :) 

Love, Amberly

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Latest Obsession: Antique Furniture

My latest obsession started early this summer when my mom and I discovered an antique sewing machine table in my basement. We decided to paint it and distress it just for the fun of it. 
This is the table before we painted it. The sewing machine was long ago removed because it made the table so heavy.
After a lot of sanding and painting this is what we ended up with!

After that first piece I was hooked. I now have a basement full of antiques that are just waiting for me to find the time to do something with them. I add to the pile every week because I am now obsessed (thanks to my friend Naomi) with yard sales and estate sales. So many people are just concerned with emptying their basement and not with how wonderful that old antique is. Here are a few more pieces I've collected and restored..
This is actually not an antique. Its a small dresser I bought for $4 at a yard sale and made to look like one. Not one of my favorites but still cute.

Old chair we found in the basement. We just reupholstered it and its instantly a stunning addition to my living room!

This is an old frame we found. We painted it white and distressed it. Added some fabric to give it a fun look.

This is a frame I bought on clearance at hobby lobby. Not an antique but it is ornate and beautiful. I was originally black.

Old window I bought at a yard sale for $2. Gift for my mom and dads 26th anniversary.

This is a Drexel Heritage dresser that I saw advertised in the newspaper at an estate sale in Cleveland. I woke up at 6:30 am to get there first! This is definitely my favorite piece I have done.

After.. Don't you just love it! ?
I made it into a "China Cabinet" for my kitchen.

Vintage 1940's Vanity I got from my friend Rachel's amazing yard sale!

I sanded it, painted it and bought new knobs (the bottom ones are the originals).

Antique Hutch (another treasure from Rachel's yard sale)

I saw a piece of furniture in a design magazine that was lime green and just loved it. It looks so pretty next to my brown walls in the hallway. Let me just say that Patrick (hubby) hates this color. But I don't care! ;)
The window is a $2 find at a yard sale. The scripture reads "Delight yourself in the lord and he will give you the desires of your heart" Psalms 37:4.
Old window.. I may have a small obsession with windows.. 
Antique chifferobe that I added glass knobs to and converted into a DVD cabinet. Not very satisfied with it so it may be changing soon. 
This was not an antique. It was a coffee table from target that I didn't want anymore. My mom scooped it up and painted it. Then she asked me to make a few artistic changes to it. :) 

Another great yard sale find. Originally this was plain wood, it had been painted mint green.. 

I Painted it white, distressed it, drilled holes in the back for the wires, took the top drawer out and made it into a one of a kind shabby chic TV stand!

At this point my house is just about full yet I still keep buying. Its amazing what you can do with a piece of furniture nobody wanted anymore. I may start to sell things if I run out of room. 

Hope you enjoyed!! 


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