Monday, November 28, 2011

25 Facts about me.

Linking up with Erin, from Living in Yellow with 25 facts about yourself. Let's see if I can actually come up with 25 things to tell you...

I met my husband while working at an outlet mall. I worked in a little kitchen store called Le Creuset and he worked at Reebok. Our stores were directly across the way from each other. We met randomly, talked all night on the phone, went on our first date and he's been stuck with me ever since. I seriously consider myself the luckiest girl in the world.

I have the most random taste in music ever. My iPod consists of Elvis, The Beatles, Journey, REO Speedwagon, basically anything from the 80's, all country old and new }I still love the Dixie Chicks{, sappy love songs from Celine Dion, 90's music }especially the boy bands. I definitely went to the NKTOBSB tour this summer and screamed like a 13 year old girl.{, I like some hard rock bands like Disturbed, Papa Roach and Avenged Sevenfold, I have a serious love for Justin Bieber. }Not in a creepy attraction way although I do think he is cute. I just love his story. I love how talented he is and how down to earth and kind hearted he still is.{, I love rap. Almost any kind of rap. I especially love Eminem. I sometimes think that if I were at his concert and he got sick, I could replace him on stage and no one would know the difference. }I definitely rap like a white girl{ I can seriously listen to almost anything.

I love to read. Probably more than the average person. I am always reading something and I can't see a movie until I read the book. I can read fast. I have been known to read an entire 700 page book in a day.

I have extremely small nostrils. Weird I know. All of my friends make fun of me and ask me how I can breathe. For the record: I breathe just fine. However I can not pick my nose.

I swallow my gum. Almost every time. I don't actually meant to, its a habit. I know that one day it probably will come back to haunt me..

I've known I wanted to do hair since I was a little girl. My Aunt Stephanie is a hair stylist. She made it seem so cool and fun. Ever since then I knew that is what I wanted to do. I'm so glad that I chose a career that doesn't even feel like work to me. Its more than a job, its a passion.

I check my facebook at least 50 times a day. I am aware that it is borderline obsessive. 

I absolutely love Ellen. I could not go a day without watching her show. She is so uplifting and fun. She never judges and is such a kind person. Anyone who reads my blog regularly knows this but for those of you who don't... now you do.

I am obsessed with yard sales. I wait for the paper to arrive every Wednesday and skip directly to the classifieds to see where the sales will be. I mostly look for antiques and usually have good luck finding them.

I have two favorite football teams. I love UGA because that is what I was raised liking. If you live in Georgia you have to like either UGA or GT so I chose the dawgs at a young age. I also love BAMA. Its sort of a contradiction I know. You see, what happened was my husband is from Alabama. Almost everyone in his family loves UA. I was forced to watch Bama play for so long that eventually I started to like it. I don't exactly remember when I officially became a fan but its been years. I used to keep it quiet so I wouldn't start arguments. I decided that because they don't play each other but every 4 years that its ok. However, when they do play each other I will be saying "Go Dawgs Go!" }Recently the whole world seems to have an opinion about my having two teams. Well I would like to personally tell you to delete me if you don't like to see me status's and to KMA! I don't tell you what you should and shouldn't do so don't give me your extremely unwanted opinion.{

I am a Great Aunt. And I don't mean great as in fantastic, although I am. ;) Patrick and I have three (soon to be four) great nieces and 2 great nephews. I do not let them call me their Great Aunt. Although their parents think its funny to tease me.
Kaleigh, Kaitlyn, Kymbil and Brayden.
Patrick and I with Kaitlyn.

I wear flip flops year round. I hate real shoes. My feet need to be free!

I wear my retainers every. single. night. I had braces twice and refuse to every wear them again. These teeth are stayin straight! I have skipped a few nights here and there along the way and every time I swear I see a gap between my two front teeth. So I guess I'll be wearing my retainers forever!

I love to play games. Any kind of game. Card games, board games even video games on occasion.

I have blue eyes but sometimes they turn grey or green. It seems to depend on what I'm wearing.

I still own a bottle of Tommy Girl from middle school. Still smells great! Now if I could find a bottle of Tommy Freedom my perfume blast from the past would be complete!

I collect movies. It started when DVDs first came out. I kept all of my DVDs in my room and made everyone always return them. Then it got worse when I worked at Blockbuster for 3 years. I seriously have at least 500 movies. I try my absolute hardest to keep them categorized and alphabetized. However no one cares about my movie OCD-ness so they rarely stay that way.

I am obsessed with tornados. All storms really. Instead of hiding in the basement I am usually outside in the hail trying to take pictures of the lightening. I have even slept on the porch during a storm before just because they relax me. I don't really know when the obsession started but it has been a long time. I have a dream of one day chasing tornados. I am aware that once I got up close to one I would probably be scared for life. Every time there is a tornado watch I turn on the movie Twister. I don't care if there are multiple warnings in a week, every single time I watch it. Once Patrick and I were both at work when the sirens went off. I rushed across the street to his work to be with him and instead of hiding in the back with all of the employees and customers he and I both stood outside in the hail. The sky was green, the wind was blowing fast and debris was flying everywhere. We were both fascinated.

I have no problem reading a book more than once (or dozens of times).

I love friends. I own every season and at least once (sometimes more) a year we start at season one and go all the way to ten!

twenty one.
I can't drink alcohol. Not for lack of trying, (For anyone reading this that believes having a drink will send you to hell lets just agree to disagree) every time I have even one drink I get sick. It's not from over drinking, it just doesn't sit well on my stomach. Every once and while I can have a margarita with dinner and not get sick. Its a gamble so I rarely chance it. I can however drink wine. My favorite is Barefoot Moscato.

twenty two.
I pick at everything. Bumps, ingrown hairs, scabs, whatever. I should have been a dermatologist. My poor husband is usually the victim in this problem.. bless his heart.

twenty three.
I love traveling. Going anywhere (even if it is just over state lines) gives me a kid like thrill. I have been fortunate enough to make several big trips over the last few years and I am already dreaming of the next.

 Patrick and I lounging on the back of a cruise ship somewhere in the Bahamas.
 The water was so blue!
 Dennis Quaid's star on Hollywood Blvd. (Dang that man is sexy!)
 In front of the Hollywood sign. Which btw is extremely hard to find. They do not want anyone to get near it so there is no easy way to find it.
 Ferris wheel on the Santa Monica Pier

On the Ferris Wheel. This is the only picture of all of us smiling. Inside we were freaking out. I love heights but I hate ferris wheels!
 On Top of the Empire State Building. Every time I visit NYC it amazes me.
 At St. Pancras International Train Station on our way to Paris!
 It is breathtaking in person. This was taken on my cell phone.
 My favorite place in all of Paris, The Sacre Coeur Cathedral. Its on a hill that over looks all of Paris. The view is spectacular.

Aimee and I in our Hotel room in Paris!
 Sissy and I at Buckingham Palace.
On the open top bus touring London!

twenty four.
I am deathly afraid of frogs. I hate them. HATE! If one comes anywhere near me I will pass out. I once had a frog stalk my doorstep every night for a month. I almost maced it.
twenty five.
I can't go to sleep with out sprinkling dusting silk on my sheets. My mom bought me my first bottle when I was a teenager and now its an addiction. For the longest time it was really hard to find. I finally found a little shop near here that carries it. If you have never used it you should get some. Its by lady primrose and my favorite scent is Tryst.
A twinkle of shimmer added to finely crushed chamomile and marigold flowers, blended with silk and plant extracts, create a naturally absorbent powder that softens, soothes and protects while delicately perfuming the skin. A sheer and silky finishing touch for you or your linens. The sparkling band reflects the sparkle of Tryst.

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I Do Declare said...

I love About Me posts! And...I WISH I still had my retainers to wear on my top teeth! I could probably stand to have braces again on my top teeth.

Sarah Cook said...

I have never ever heard of dusting silk but I think I might have to try some out! Do you use Goodreads? I read like crazy and am always looking for suggestions on what to read next.

Amberly Enich said...

you must try it! Tell me about good reads!?