Friday, November 11, 2011

The Land of the FREE...

Because of the Brave.
As always on Veterans day I am thankful for my freedom. I think as civilians we take for granted just how good we have it. While I am sitting here at work typing this, laughing with my co-workers and drinking my morning coffee there are men and women in Iraq, Afganistan and so many other places having a completely different type of day. This morning I woke up to my sleeping husband and silly dog dancing circles around the bed begging to go potty. My friend Josh woke up somewhere in Iraq serving our country. Makes me proud to be an american and so thankful for the people who defend our country.

Below are some of my family and friends who have served or are currently serving..

My Daddy, Doug Lyons US Army 1985-1990.
Stationed in Germany and Ft. Stewart (Savannah,Ga)

My Papa Brad. Served in the Army in the 60's in during Vietnam.

My Papa Jack. My mothers daddy that I never got to meet. He passed away a month before I was born. I dont have any pictures of him in the Military but he served in the Airforce during the Korean War in the 50's.

My Poppy (Great Grandfather). Conie Jenkins World War II. I dont have a picture of him in his uniform! :( }My mom told me today that his brother Ponie died while serving in World War II.

Uncle Daniel Dean the Marine. 1994-1998
Boot Camp in Parris Island, Sc, Military Police School in Anniston, Al and the remainder of his enlistment at MCAS El Toro 3rd Marine Air Wing in Santa Ana, California.

Uncle Jackie Dean: US Army. Stationed in Hawaii during the 80's.

Uncle Bill Lyman served in the Korean War during the 50's as a Marine.

Cousin Dana Follow served in the US Navy.

Leah Quackenbush Rizzo served in the US Army
Sep 2007 to Jun 2009

Cousin Jason Follow Currently serving as a Marine.
2008-Present San Diego, California

My friend Josh Worth. US Army currently serving a tour in Iraq.

Friend Steven Negley currently serving in Afganistan.

Thank you to everyone who has served, is serving and those who will serve. Especially those listed above. Friends and family if I forgot anyone please let me know and I will add them.

Happy Veterans Day.

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sleely said...

Awsome tribute Amberly!

Super Woman... Maybe said...

Love it Amberly!

Kate Warner said...

I love this tribute! But you forgot the man that stole me lol ;)

Daddy said...

WOW , Amberly you are truly "AMAZING" I'm so Blessed to have such an incredible Daughter (Daughters)Both of my girls Have my Heart from the moment I first laid my eye's on them..