Thursday, September 15, 2011

I see London, I see France... (My 1st Blog!)

Back in August my little sister Aimee and I decided to go visit our Aunt Bessie and Uncle Kevin in Beautiful London. I'm not usually so impulsive. I usually have to have things planned for months so I can wrap my head around things. However this trip was totally last minute.

On August 10th we took the red eye flight from ATL-LHR airport. The flight was over 8 hours. Thank God for first class! When we arrived at the airport (after we endured the insane customs lines and the officers with their rude questions) Bessie and Kevin were anxiously waiting for us! The first thing I noticed about London was how cloudy it was! London is commonly called "Foggy London Town" however there is rarely fog, only a crazy amount of low rainy grey clouds! We immediately went to Beth & Kevins house in a small town about 20 miles outside of London called High Wycombe (BTW the "e" is silent... MOM ;) ). The rest of that day we just relaxed and tried to fight sleep. The best way to fight off jet lag is to stay awake as long as possible and go to sleep when the time zone you are in goes to sleep. Works like a charm!
 Aimee and I in our comfy first class seats.. Life is really better behind that curtain yall.

Our first full day in London we went on a walk with Bessie. We walked through the woods (there were trails) to Hughenden Manor. Its an old Manor House which is now owned and ran by the National Trust. We had a lovely lunch and then toured the manor house.

 Bessie and I :)

 The next part of our trip was Paris, France. One word to sum this city up...Captivating.
We took the EUROSTAR train from London to paris. It was a fast 2.5 hour trip. We had so much fun on the train!
Getting ready to board the train at St. Pancras Station in London.
Our train entertainment.
 Kev being annoying..
 Train picture!
Somewhere in France..

We stayed at the Hotel Astrid directly across from the Arc De Triumph.  
 Our hotel key.. 
 My Favorite Restaurant in Paris!
 We had the pizza.. AMAZING!
 Great wine.

 Tour Eiffel (The Eiffel Tower) at night..
 My favorite picture of the Eiffel tower. Taken on my phone and no editing has been done.
 Bessie.. One of my favorites..
 Favorite place in all of Paris. This is the Sacre Coeur Cathedral. We were lucky enough to be here during Sunday Mass. I am not Catholic but the service was extremely touching.

Close up picture of the Sacre Coeur

Notre Dame. 

I can't wait to get back to Paris.. It definitely has a little piece of my heart.

When we got back to London we of course crashed.. And over the last week of our trip we saw pretty much everything London had to offer... 
 Open Bus Tour Pic!
 Yummy Donuts
 Piccadilly Circus

 Big Ben and Parliament
London Eye

 St. Pauls Cathedral
 The Tower Bridge. Often called the London Bridge. However the London bridge (just a few bridges over to the left) is actually a very small ugly bridge.
 Westminster Abbey
 Buckingham Palace Gates
 Buckingham Palace

 Huge Donut cart. The Brits sure know how to eat sweets! 

After 12 long days we were ready to get back home to the south. However I miss London and the people I left behind more and more everyday! 

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Whats it all about said...

What a great commentary and London misses you right back! So glad you have a blog! Cant wait to read about all the incredible adventures you get up to! Love, Bessie.

Amberly Enich said...

Thanks Bessie!! I can't wait to come back! 2 Months until Thanksgiving!!!!