Monday, October 31, 2011

Manic Monday

Well its dreaded monday again and although this one wasn't as bad as some I can still complain.
1. Woke up still feeling sick left over from Sunday.

2. Phone started ringing off the hook as usual at 8:00 am.

3. Woke up to a swollen & bruised lip. } casualty of the Halloween party. Long story short I got into a fight with the car door.

4. I really don't like unprofessional people. I recently met someone and hosted a party for the item this person sells. Now she constantly texts me asking if my husband (works retail) is hiring and making excuses as to why it has taken over 6 weeks to get the product back. At one point I got the excuse "Well one of your friends paid with a check so I have to wait until I have the gas money to drive to the bank and cash it." I mean seriously? Be professional. Don't bring your personal and financial problems into your business. She also left her samples at my salon to see if any of our clients wanted to order and forgot to pick them up. So she now is bothering me every single day asking me to bring them to her. Because she doesn't want to waste her gas. But she wants me to waste mine. OMG!

5. I hate when people write bad checks. It is such a pain! And then they always act ridiculous when I charge a $35 returned check fee. HELLO! The bank charges me 1/2 of that and the rest is a P.I.T.A (figure that one out ;) ) charge.

6. I hate when my husband doesn't leave work when he says he is going to. He is a work-a-holic and sometimes it drives me nuts!

Well I say its a good day when I can only think of 6 things that irritated me today.
Right now I'm spending time with my favorite 4 month old in the world. My sweet neice Jamesleigh.

Hope yalls Monday was better!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Party

Last night my sweet friend Samantha hosted her first (of many I hope!) Halloween party. We had spent all evening Friday decorating the house and making it as spooky as possible. She went out of her way to make sure it was a perfectly frightening event. 

Hope you enjoy the recap. :) 

Audrey baking the cookies..

Snack Table

Random pics of the decorations throughout the house..

The hostess Samantha aka gorgeous pinup army girl and me aka Minnie Mouse.

Parker the Greaser and Kitty Cat Chelsea.

Kitty, Pinup Girl, Minnie and The Japanese School Girl.

BFF4L (The cat and the mouse)

Me with Jerm and his redneck self.

Look at that sexy beast..

Me with Tiff The Mental Patient!

The two Minnie's.

There is that crazy girl again..

Who let her out?

 Somehow I ended up with a mustache..

Emily was a bat!

Finally Patrick (the hubby) showed up. He was a slice of pizza for the 8th year in a row! Every year I try to hide the costume from him and somehow he finds it!

The girls.. aka The Cult.

The mental patient needs to drop the knife..

Parker found a bear..

Now he is sofa pizza..

That's all folks!

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pumpkin Carving

Wednesday night we had our friends over to carve pumpkins. We tried to do this last week. We made dinner, bought pumpkins, got together and most of  the men didn't show up because they were chasing a dying deer through the woods. Parker shot a doe and was bound and determined to find her. So we had to reschedule for Wednesday! This time we ordered pizza! We spread sheets down on the floor and went to town!

}Side Note{
I love my friends. I know everyone says they have the best but I seriously do. We are such a family. I know that there is nothing I could not tell them, nothing they would not do for me and nothing I would not do for them. In the past we have been called a cult (by people who are jealous of our closeness). If a cult is a group of people who aren't blood related but love each other, have amazing relationships and would do anything for each other then I guess we are.

Let me just say.. Thank God for Netflix. We were able to watch Halloween Resurrection and the original Scream.

Everyone looking at the "Busted" paper.

The boys playing around before we started. They never grow up.

Patrick and his GIANT carving knife.

This was Emily's first time carving a pumpkin!

Tiff gutting her pumpkin.

The dogs were obsessed with the pumpkin seeds.

Emily and Jeremy with their pumpkins!

The group and our awesome pumpkins! (Minus Chelsea who is taking the photo!)

Can't wait til next year!

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What I'm loving Wednesday..

After ranting and raving on my Manic Monday post I think its time to link up with Jamie for ...

1. I am loving these mini mouse nails. I think I need them for my costume this weekend!

2. I am loving this DIT ruffled lamp shade project! Can't wait to get all the tools I need for this.

3. I am loving that Christmas (My absolute favorite time of year) is 2 months away. I can't wait to get started on my fun pinterest holiday projects! I went to Hobby Lobby today and got everything need to make this...

4. I am loving my Barnes and Noble Nook today.. Finally getting some down time to do my favorite thing in the world.. read.

5. I am loving my new Scentsy plug in warmer for my bathroom. Its zebra!

6. I am loving this beautiful fall weather we are having here in North Georgia today.

7. I am loving that my favorites are coming over tonight to carve pumpkins!

8. I am loving that Nicholas Sparks has a new book out and I can't wait to read it!

9. I am loving that The X factor comes on tonight! (New favorite reality T.V addiction!)

And the thing I am loving the most today...

10. That I have been able to spend every second of it with my favorite person in the world... :)

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