Thursday, February 23, 2012

This _ is BANANAS!

I don't have time to write a legit blog post today but my co-worker (and friend) Molly showed me this video today and I just had to share it with yall. Every single time I watch Toddlers and Tiaras I want to slap someone. This takes the cake. My mom put me in a few pageants when I was little and she always told me it wasn't for her. We did win 2nd runner up for Little Miss Ft. Stewart once. That was the extent of my pageant career.

Anyway.. this video is craaaaaaazy and well worth the 6:00 minutes of your life.


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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

OTH: The Final Season


I haven't been able to post about the last 2 episodes because I was out of town.
So lets chat.

Holy cow batman.

one. Dan actually seems like he is trying to help. Surprising but I am still skeptical.

two. Clay needs to hurry up and get to the root of this problem so he can get out there and help with Nathan.

three. I guess we know how Chase gets arrested. I can't believe Chucks scum bag father is hitting him.

four. THE COP!!!!! REALLY?!?! I figured something was off when he showed up randomly at Haley's. But that one seriously threw me for a loop.

five. OMG what do you think is going to happen to Brooke now that her attacker has been released? Did you see him hiding outside the cafe?

six. LUCAS! I am so sad he wasn't on there longer. I truly hope he has more appearances before the show ends.

seven. While Lucas was at the airport a very important question was answered that I have been wondering for years... That Peyton and Sawyer were ok. They left so completely and so suddenly that I always wondered if Peyton had died after giving birth the Sawyer. I would still like to hear what the writers come up with as to why they have had no contact with their family in years.

eight. Who do you think is on the table? Do you really think they would give it away in a commercial? I am skeptical about it being Nathan. It does seem like Nathan has no way out but I really think Dan may be on to something. So do you think it may be Dan on the table?

I seriously can't wait until next Wednesday.

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Anniversary Cruise Days 5

Day 5: Roatan, Mahogany Bay- Honduras.

 The view of the Harbor from the ship.

 Hi :)

 Ship Wreck

 Simply Heaven!
 Patrick rented a Kayak and explored for a while.

Days 6-7 coming soon!

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Monday, February 20, 2012

Anniversary Cruise Day 4

Day 4: Belize City, Belize
 Belize is surrounded by the 2nd largest barrier reef in the world. Because of that cruise ships can't get close to the main land. So the ship anchors just outside of Belize and ferry's come to pick up the passengers to take them to shore. This is the view of Belize from the cruise ship.
 Excited to go snorkeling.

The snorkeling spot.
 Our Cruise friends from Minnesota. Jon and Trista!

A super scary eel that swam past us. I tried to hold on to Patrick's leg but he kicked himself free and chased it for 20 min.


Private Island in Belize.

 Does this not look like a postcard?

The first of two elegant nights.


More to come.

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