Monday, November 14, 2011

Manic Monday..

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Dreaded Monday again. Why Must it come every single week? I definitely have a case of the Mondays today... OK... I had them yesterday too.>> is that weird?

1. First of all I have a cold. Again. I tried to ignore the first signs of it last week. Itchy throat, watery eyes, stuffy nose ext. However it reared its ugly head on Saturday and I feel terrible!

2. I slept terribly last night. Here's why: I have a problem sleeping when my house smells like food. IDK why but it gives me weird dreams about food and I constantly wake up worried that something is burning. Been that way since I was a little kid. (Needless to say Thanksgiving night sucks for me) Well my room smells like chili. That's right I said chili. Yesterday while being miserably sick at home (alone) I made myself a bowl of left over chili. I was laying in bed fixin' to eat the chili when I decided I wanted my book. I was balancing the chili bowl on my lap top. So I carefully reach over to grab my book and all of a sudden all hell breaks loose. My bowl slides off the laptop and crashes to the floor. Not only does it splatter everywhere within a 5 foot radius the spoon flies catapults across the room splattering chili on the walls, ceiling and all the way to the bathroom floor as well. While trying to keep my pom Maggie from eating it all up, I just sit on the floor in the chili and have a good cry. I literally wanted to set my house on fire. That would have been easier to deal with than this mess. It took me 2 hours to clean the carpet. It still has a Rorange (red-orange) glow. And the entire room wreaks of chili.
Go ahead and laugh.

3. Yet again I have a client wait until the last minute to cancel their appointment. HELLO if you are too lazy to get your butt to the salon on Monday morning what makes you think I want to? At least give a girl some warning so I can sleep in!

4. Found out this weekend that none of our friends can join us for the midnight release of Breaking Dawn. It is a tradition for ALL of our friends to get together the day before it is released and watch the previous film while we make our husbands/boyfriends their fan t-shirts. You see the men hated going to the first movie. They vowed they would not go again unless that had a cool t-shirt and booze. Ever since then its been a ritual. We make the shirts a day or two before the big night, eat at our favorite Mexican joint Fajita Grill for a late dinner and then we head to the theater. The girls go inside and fight for good seats while the boys wait outside and drink Joose (or as they pronounce it JOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSE). Basically a rockstar with alcohol. AKA recipe for disaster.

When they finally come inside all decked out in their outfits and glitter (yes glitter. They like to cause a scene. Sometimes they bump into people on purpose and say "I'm sorry if I dazzle you") they annoy the crap out of their wives/girlfriends. Before the movie starts they run from theater to theater asking if the real slim shady will please stand up and starting extremely heated arguments over who is Team Edward and who is Team Jacob. Last year while standing in the hour long line to get popcorn, as I was paying... my stupid husband starts yelling my name and telling me not to buy anything because he "Had it covered". What did he mean you may ask? Oh he just went dumpster diving for a popcorn tub and had them refill it. GROSS!!! Anyways, Yes they embarrass us and yes we swear we will  never take them again but now that not a single one of our friends can go this year I am deeply depressed. I would just go with just me and Patrick but I know it wont be as fun. So I will have to be like the other 139487238947239874238947298734 other people in the world and watch it Friday evening. Sigh..

Some of their shirts from the previous midnight shows..

So what is making your Monday Manic?

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brlracincwgrl said...

Oh my goodness, I LOVE the shirts! How fun and absolutely hilarious!

I hope you feel better soon, I have a case of the sniffles myself this morning! Yuck!

Kristin said...

Bahahaha! That is too funny! The movie. Not the chili.
I use
couponing to disney.
Just google coupon blogs and lots will come up.
Hope u feel better soon.

Super Woman... Maybe said...

Oh goodness! I did laugh sorry =) I would have cried def!! I had a moment like that today...another thing I did link up but it took me two times to figure out lol Hope you start feeling better!