Thursday, February 2, 2012

OTH: The Final Season


1. Finally Skillz shows up. And LOL at him telling Mouth he was getting fat.
2. I don't like Chelsea Kanes character "Not Alex". Does anyone else think that Alex will show back up later this season?
3. Poor Julian, he is feeling so guilty and Brooke isn't making it any easier on him.
4. Since when does Dan think he has to protect his family?
5. What on earth is really wrong with Clay.. ?
6. Is Quinn stupid? Threatening a DRUG DEALER?
7. Where on earth is Nathan?
Did anyone watch the previews for next weeks episode? Do you really think Dan had something to do with it?
8. Where is the world is.. (Carmen Sandiego haha) LUCAS?

}Sorry this was so late this week. Between working like crazy, packing for our cruise and spending as much time with my sister as possible before she moves to London (while I am on my cruise)... I have been one busy girl! Patrick and I leave tomorrow morning bright and early for our Anniversary Cruise! :) {

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