Monday, February 20, 2012

Anniversary Cruise Day 4

Day 4: Belize City, Belize
 Belize is surrounded by the 2nd largest barrier reef in the world. Because of that cruise ships can't get close to the main land. So the ship anchors just outside of Belize and ferry's come to pick up the passengers to take them to shore. This is the view of Belize from the cruise ship.
 Excited to go snorkeling.

The snorkeling spot.
 Our Cruise friends from Minnesota. Jon and Trista!

A super scary eel that swam past us. I tried to hold on to Patrick's leg but he kicked himself free and chased it for 20 min.


Private Island in Belize.

 Does this not look like a postcard?

The first of two elegant nights.


More to come.

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