Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday's Letters


Dear Friday, Thank you for coming so quickly this week. I am glad that you arrived with sunshine and the promise of a fun evening with some girl friends. Dear Husband, please hurry up and come home. You've been gone since Wednesday and I miss you something fierce. I really hate sleeping alone and you know I get bad dreams. Also please don't forget to bring me home a pretty magnet from Vegas. Dear Weekend, please go by slow. (After I get done with doing wedding hair at 2:00 of course.) Dear Fall Weather, please come back. Its been 70 degrees the past three days and I am not happy about it. I would like to wear my boots with out sweating my butt off. Dear Georgia, please beat the Florida Gators. They need to be knocked back down to earth and kicked out of 2nd in the BCS standings. Dear Alabama, go ahead and show Mississippi State how champions play football and give LSWHO something to be nervous about next Saturday. Dear Clients, please go ahead and make your appointments for the holidays. You don't realize how booked I already am and if you call last minute how long you may have to wait to get an appointment. So just go ahead and call. :) Dear Cousin, thanks for sharing this link up with me, it was fun!

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1 comment:

Lauren said...

:D Dear Cousin, I LOVE YOU!! I can't wait until I get to see you! oxox