Thursday, October 25, 2012

I'm still here..

I was recently thinking about my blog and how long it had been since I have written a new post. It has definitely been a while. I was wondering if I should even write a new post because at this point.. what's the point? However, blogging makes me happy so why not?

April 26, was the date of my last post. So what has been going on since April? Lets do a picture recap. 

I bought an iPad.

 We took the jeep up to Blue Ridge with our friends to see a drive in movie. (Madagascar 3)
 We went fishing. ALOT
 Patrick and I got to meet our newest niece Karli Grace Ellison.
  I read the Twilight Saga for maybe the 10th time? This is my favorite quote from all 4 books. Ironically it happens to be from my least favorite book out of all 4.
 Hung out at the pool.
 Our nieces Kymbil, Kaleigh and Kaitlyn came to visit us for a week in July.

Patrick and I attended a bunch (probably close to 10, I lost count) of Braves games. Since it was Chipper's last season, we wanted to go to as many games a we could. We went by ourselves, with friends, with family, sat in the pouring rain, tailgated every time and chopped our hearts out. The season didn't end the way we wanted it to.. but I have to say Thank You to #10 for playing his entire hall of fame worthy career with the Atlanta Braves.

 I had the privilege of holding my dear friend Kate's hand leg while she gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby boy.. Dylan Michael Warner. His daddy was serving our country during his birth, so Kate needed all the help she could get.
 I took a 3 day trip to Nashville with some friends.
Went to a UGA game in Athens with my friend Abbie.
My little sister Aimee came home from her 8 month stay in London. My sister and I have been best friends since the day she was born. Living with out her for 8 months was definitely one of the hardest things I've ever had to endure. I'm glad she had the opportunity to live in a different country and spread her wings, but I am so happy she is home.

Attended Gold Rush Days in my hometown of Dahlonega with some of the best friends a girl could ask for. (Click on THIS to read more about Gold Rush.)

Thanks to all of my followers who have waited patiently for me to return to the blog world.

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Lauren said...

Yay you posted!! :) Blogging makes me happy too! :)

Jamie said...

Welcome back :)