Monday, December 5, 2011

SEC Championship Game

This Saturday I was lucky enough to grab some cheap tickets to the SEC Championship game! My friend (&co-worker) Abbie and I got all dressed in our Red and Black and headed down the to Georgia Dome Saturday afternoon.} Who says two girls can't go to a football game alone? We got downtown quickly and found a great parking place for cheap! Then we made our walk towards the Dome. The streets were covered with LSU and UGA fans. Everyone was tailgating.

We got a couple cokes and made our way to our seats (from which we never moved!) The energy in the Dome was incredible. Luckily we were in a primarily Georgia fan section. Although I feel like most of the LSU fans happened to be behind us. As the pre-game festivities began the fans started piling in. It got LOUD! Here is a video of the Redcoat Marching Band getting the UGA fans pumped up!

I'm not going to do a recap of the game because I'm sure you either watched it or heard about it. However I will say it was a great first half! Oh and I have never been to a game with some many time clock malfunctions.
Excitement was thick in the air!

Yes we took a picture of our tickets.. we were proud!

National Anthem played by both LSU & UGA's bands.

TD GA! }Little did we know it would be the one and only{

One crazy fan put this up after UGA scored. They quickly took it down and retreated when LSU took the lead in the 3rd quarter: but not with out a scene. Before leaving they decided it would be funny to pour water all over the things (purses, coats, ect..) of the women sitting next to them. The women had apparently gone to the restroom and left their things in their seats. They were fellow UGA fans and apparently had no prior altercation with the couple who did this. They didn't get away without a fight. A good ole' boy saw the whole thing and felt the need to chase the couple down the stairs. When he finally reached them he gave the male culprit and huge shove and sent him flying down the rest of the stairs. (Which was extremely scary seeing as how we were in the nosebleed section) SACURITY (yes I know I misspelled it, I was saying it in my best Bon Qui Qui voice) never caught up with the guy and it was a shame. Some people give UGA a bad name.

Even though we lost I am still proud to be a Georgia Bulldog!

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