Thursday, December 15, 2011

Share your World Thursday

After being out of the blogging world for over a week I am back! I tried to come back Monday but some of my co-workers thought it would be funny to hack my blog when I left it up. We have a Salon War with facebooks and I am usually the one who hacks everyone else. So the Manic Monday post was pay back. Although I must say they were a lot nicer than they could have been! :)

1. What is the best compliment you've ever received?

That I have a beautiful smile. I know its vein but I love my teeth! After growing up with a "Cute little gap" in between my two front teeth, I am so thankful for the magic of braces! I wear my retainers Every.Single.Night. Even after all these years.

Dont hate on the Olan Mills pic.

A smile worth every penny! :)
 Always. I have always had a thing for making sure everyone has their seat belts on. It became an obsession after my life long friend (more like a big brother) Mattie was killed in a single car accident from not wearing a seat belt. So everytime I get in the car I say to myself "Buckle up for Mattie".
3. Fill in the blank.
You know your comfortable with your spouse when you _____________.
Pee with the door open.
4. Someone gives you a gift wrapped in a 6 inch square box, what is it?
mmm sounds like a perfume box!
5. You are at Chic-fil-a, what do you order?
#5 (8 pack chicken nuggets) with a large Dr. Pepper!

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