Thursday, December 1, 2011

Share your world Thursday..

Do you buy cheap or expensive toliet paper?
Its pretty much in between. We use Angelsoft.

2. What are your top two pet peeves?
*When people don't call or show up for their hair appointments. Or show up 30 min or more late. Basically whenever someone doesn't care about my time.
*When people don't put things back where they go. Don't just throw something back in the vicinity of where it belongs and close the door or drawer and walk away. It takes more effort to ensure that it doesn't fall out  than it does to just simply put it in the right place.

3. What's the name of your best friend & tell us her best trait.
I have 3 best friends. I can't just pick one. They are all so special to me. They all have similar traits, which is what makes us get along so well I guess. Each one of them is kind, fun, loyal, all the things you want in a best friend. Probably the thing I love about each of them the most is their smile. The purest thing about a person to me, is their smile. And I mean a real, genuine smile. I can spot a fake smile a mile away.

4. Tell us one of your quirks? What's different about you?
It takes a lot to hurt my feelings. But I can cry at the drop of a hat. I find myself sobbing at tv commercials, songs, radio commercials, cards, texts, conversations... I cry on Extreme Makeover Home Addition before they even tell you about the family. Oh and put one of the kids on the radio from a non profit hospital and I will cry for days.
5. List three of your favorite songs.
This is hard!
*Right Now*
Niki Manaj- Super Bass
Justin Bieber- One Less Lonely Girl
Lady Antebellum- Heart of the world
*All Time*
Dixie Chicks-Land Slide
Elvis- I can't help falling in love with you
Journey- Faithfully

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Brooke said...

What a precious blog! And I don't blame you. Your time is just a important as anyone else's!