Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What I'm loving Wednesday..

I am loving that tomorrow is the first day of December. I love Christmas time!
I am loving that I am off today with Patrick. We stayed up late last night watching Dexter, slept til noon and have pretty much done a whole lotta nothing today.
I am loving that I finally bought season 3 of Sons of Anarchy. We finished season two back in July and I held off this long on buying it because I was being cheap. Well it finally paid off because I found it on Black Friday for $7! :)
I am loving that a Dunkin Donuts opened today in my town! I definitely went to get a coffee and some munchkins this afternoon.
I am loving that the Nugget (local paper) came today. I look forward to reading it every week. (Yes I am aware how old that makes me sound) I love the arrests, crime beat and local yard sales! Here are a few of the highlights from this weeks crime beat: "A woman on Hwy 19 said someone came into her house and kicked her dog's kennel while she was at work. She suspects the culprit did it because her dog would not stop barking.", "An employee at BB&T said someone drew hearts on the parking signs in the bank lot.", " A man on Post White Rd said someone stole his trash can. His trash was found a quarter mile down the road." Man I live in a scary town!
I am loving that it isn't snowing today. It's pretty but I can only handle it when it really snows. I hate when it melts and causes trouble (like it did yesterday, thank God the ground was warm enough to not let it freeze).

What are you loving today?

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1 comment:

Brekke said...

I'm laughing out loud about the "Crime Beat", that's hysterical!

We're almost all better now, thanks for checking on us! And I think we actually drove thru your town on the way to Blue Ridge...we loved it there!