Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Jesus > Religion

Last week on Facebook a video about religion took over. I kept seeing it on everyone's profiles and just ignored it. Finally one of my closest friends asked forced me watch it. I was blown away. I feel so much like the words in this video.

3 years ago my life was different. I was raised in church. I went to church almost every Sunday. I spent my summers at my grandmothers going to youth camp and revivals. I'm filled with the holy ghost. I've seen miracles. REAL miracles. Then one day my world was tossed upside down. I put all of my faith (every. single. ounce.) into something, only to fail. It took me all this time to come to one conclusion. No one can predict Gods plan. I will not pretend to know why or understand why God lets things happen or why he doesn't answer all prayers. But I do know his love for me was big enough.. to let me be angry for 3 years.

During my struggle I stopped going to church. I stopped listening to God. I stopped talking to God. We sort of broke up for a while. I slowly started to realize that God is God. Who am I to question him? It doesn't mean I didn't or that I won't again. It just means I may not be meant to understand.

I started realizing other things too. One. I don't have to go to church every Sunday to be "saved". Its about a relationship not a building. Two. Having a glass of wine (or two) will no send me straight to hell. Jesus hung out in the bars, he drank the wine. Three. I don't have to cut all secular music out of my life to be "on the right path". Four. I am a Jesus lover, not a religion follower. I think people get too caught up in religion and forget about the purpose behind it.  I'm not condemning anyone who does believe these things to be true, I'm only saying.. "Why sweat the small stuff?"

Parts of the video that touched me the most:

"If religion is so great, why has it started so many wars."
"Religion might teach grace, but another thing they practice." -Has anyone else ever been hurt in church? Or by a fellow Christian? Sometimes Christians can be more judgmental that a non Christian.
"Because if grace is water, then church should be an ocean. Its not a museum for good people, its a hospital for the broken." - Wow.. is all I can say to that.
"Religion says DO, Jesus says DONE"
"Religion makes you blind, but Jesus makes you see."
"Salvation is freely mine, and forgiveness is my own. "

If you haven't already watched this video I strongly encourage you to do so. It may not speak to everyone like it did to me. It may have a negative effect on you.. and that's OK. We're all entitled to our own opinions and beliefs.

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Lauren said...

I watched the video too. I think many people are going to be able to relate to this video. One of the greatest things, gift, is our relationship with Christ. When he died for us it tore the veil where we can go straight and worship God without a priest or rabbi. One of the hardest things to learn is that God's plan are NOT our own. And we don't know for what reasons things happen. But I'm so glad I can trust in him that he KNOWS ALL, and we have his word that promises that. He has a plan. Good post! Love you!

I Do Declare said...

It is a great video! I especially like the part about how your Facebook page doesn't make you a Christian. I mean, I could go on and on about that, but that would be judgey...and not very Christ-like :)