Thursday, January 5, 2012

Share your World..

I used to be the girl that/who__________but I'm not that girl anymore because___________________.

I used to be the girl who changed her haircolor every few weeks but I'm not that girl anymore because I realized how stupid it is to go from dark to light to red to blonde. My ends hated me. I grew up. I have now had the same color for over a year. Occasionaly I will spice up my red with some blonde but I do it safely. I learned that being a stylist doesn't mean you have to change your hair like your clothes.
2} Describe yourself in three words.
Bubbily. Loving. Assertive.

3} I struggle with...
My weight.
I have wanted to lose 50 lbs for over 2 years now. It's one of those things that I've needed to do but just can't find the motivation. Finally I have decided to make a change! I'm sore but excited!

4} If I closed my eyes right now ______________.
I would fall asleep. Thats how tired I am!

5} I wish I could live without __________
but it just isn't happening.
Dr. Pepper.

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Anonymous said...

Amberly your a "Beauty" in every way...You are Motivating many including me to be Healthy and Fit by eating the right foods and working out...luv you

Anonymous said...

Amber, that was me !! I guess I'm Anonymous (Grandma)...

Leslie said...

what a cute link-up! If I closed my eyes right now I would fall asleep too.. by Thursday I am READY For the weekend!

♥Jess said...

First I want to comment on your Grandma commenting, I wish my Grandma were around to follow me, she'd love my blog!

Hey Grandma, you had a wonderful - sweet grand-daughter. You should be so proud. We love her!♥

Okay, so NOW to your 'changing your hair color'. I think it's only natural to change it being a stylist! However, it does stink when our hair starts to get unhealthy!
I love how you answered 'Bubbley' - for someone who has never heard your voice or in action accept over the internet, I can definitely {hear} see where you are bubbly