Wednesday, January 18, 2012

OTH: The Final Season


So tonight..
Does anyone else think Clay may have a brain tumor? I know they showed the scans when he went to the Dr. but I'm almost getting the feeling that he is sick. Total personality change, sleep problems.. ect.

Chris Keller is still gettin' on my nerves. What is that boy up to? I'm still wondering how he met up with Dan and what they are planning. Is he going after Alex now?

Speaking of Alex.. I'm glad she is going on tour. She's young, she has a good opportunity and she waited patiently for Chase while is was deployed for a year. He can wait for her.

Dan.. oh Dan. I think he is up to no good. I think he is faking this redemption act.

Brooke's dad is totally using her to get to her mom.

Mouth.. HOLY COW! Literally. I wonder if he really gained all that weight or if its a fat suit?

Chuck.. poor kid, anyone else think he will end up living with Chase?

Last but not least..

When is Lucas coming back?!

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1 comment:

I Do Declare said...

Heeee. I think there's a tumor, too. And please - no more Chuck. Dan has to be evil again - it's what makes the show. All in all, though, aren't you a tad disappointed so far? I mean, it's just missing something to me!