Wednesday, January 25, 2012

OTH: The Final Season


one. I hate Brooke's dad. He is going to somehow steal her new company I can feel it.

two. When did Alex and Chase break up? I know she said she wanted to go on tour but it never showed them breaking up did it?

three. Chris Keller needs to be punched in the face.

four. Is Dan nice or up to no good? I can't decide. Maybe the writers can't decide either.

five. What is up with Haley softening up to Dan?

six. CLAY ON DRUGS!?!?! WTH? This came completely out of left field. Here I was thinking he had a brain tumor and he is just a pill junkie. Jeez.

seven. Poor Mouth. Milly humiliated him on television. I know he's gained weight but that was uncalled for.

eight. Where is Skillz? He moved to Cali right? Why has he not made a return back to Tree Hill yet?

nine. Anyone worried that Rachel will make an unwanted appearance?

ten. (Saved the most important for last) Is Julian going to jail? I think maybe they broke into the car because he forgot the baby was in there? Right? I'm so confused.

eleven. Still no sign of Lucas..

That is all.


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Jamie said...

I want to comment on each of these but you'd probably hate me so I will just say these two things : Dan is a scumbag and I think he is up to no good. Julian definitely left the baby in the car and it will probably cause Brooke to leave him, atleast temporarily.
Gosh I love OTH!! I also love that you are doing these posts :)

Amberly Enich said...

I definitely agree!