Wednesday, January 11, 2012

OTH: The final season


So I have been obsessed with One Tree Hill for 9 years. I love it. I even loved it when they grew older, even when Lucas and Haley left I continued to love it. I am sad to see it end but I know its time. They were running out of things and you could tell with the way things happened last season. You can bet I will be glued to my tv every Wednesday night until May.

Now lets do a recap..

First of all where was the theme song? Last year they made us endure all of the random versions of "I don't want to be" and for the series premier of the last season they don't play some Gavin? I don't get it.
For those who missed the song too..

Now, was anyone else confused on the opening? So many things happening! Was it all a dream? Was some of it real? Is it a look into the future/series finale?(Lets hope not!)
Lets talk about this...
Dan and Chris?! First why did they have to bring Chris back? He was such an annoying character. Second what are he and Dan doing scheming together? I don't like it.
Dan has been trying to redeem himself for several seasons. Why did they suddenly make him sketchy again?

Moving on..
Chase in a cop car? Any guesses on that one?

Clay and Quinn? They can survive a crazy stalker shooting and almost killing them but a few sleep walking incidents and Clay is trying to get rid of her? Something ain't right.

Brooke.. what on earth is she throwing that hissy fit for? And where is she? It doesn't look like its at hers and Haleys new restaurant.

Haley in the morgue? I think I speak for everyone when I scream... WHO DID SHE SEE!

Who is beating up Julian.. and why?!

The episode didn't answer any of my questions! It only caused new ones.. Like who is stalking Haley? What is Dan really up to? What is Chris up to? Why did they bring Brooke's dad back when he has never played a roll in her life before?

And the biggest question of all..

When is Lucas returning? And will he bring Peyton with him?

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I Do Declare said...

Hello!!!! I am equally OTH obsessed. I don't even pretend not to be - it's something, at nearly 35, I just claim. So...I read on some OTH blog that there will be no song at all this season, til the final episode, and then Gavin will make an appearnace, everyone assumes to actually sing the theme. As for the rest of the drama - no clue. I think the opening was a hint at all that's going to go down this season. Nathan is away alot on travel, that's why Lucas comes, to help Haley. No idea who's under the sheet, though... LOVE that I've found another OTH crazy like me!