Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sweet Home Alabama..

Patrick and I took some time off this week to visit our family in Alabama. We drove in Monday evening to his moms house in Altoona.
On Tuesday we went out and visited with my sister in law Patty and then went to eat for our niece Christina's 31st birthday. We went to a mexican restaurant in Gadsden called Villa Fiesta. Its everyone's favorite place to go eat. During dinner I got to spend some time with my sweet nephew Bryant.
He likes to make a mess with his food..
Nephew Brayden and niece Kaitlyn
Such a cutie!!

Niece Kymbil
Lol another niece Kaleigh.. Always doing something goofy. 
Birthday Girl Christina announced that she and Bryon were pregnant with their 4th baby! Fingers crossed for a boy!! Bryon is all alone in a house of women! 
My goofy brother in law Mike. Hes always making faces or up to something. Maybe he was trying to be a zombie here? haha 

Wednesday before we went home we went to see the girls at gymnastics class. It was very entertaining!!

Kaitlyn doing her back walk over. 

Kaleigh doing her back walk over. 

We love and miss our Bama family so much! If there were ever anywhere in the world that could take me away from Dahlonega it would be Alabama and our sweet loved ones in it. 

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