Sunday, October 2, 2011

Atlanta Braves..

Another season of baseball has come and gone. It always seems like the Braves have such a fantastic season until it comes time to get serious. Not even a month ago the Braves had a 7 game lead. And some how Wednesday night they had a 0 game lead. If they didn't win they would lose the wild card spot. Of course days later we all know they chocked. I will say the game was an exciting one. We were winning the whole game up until the 9th inning. Even staying the extra 5 innings was fun. Leaving without the W's ( win and wild card ) was a major let down. Despite the fact that we chocked at the last minute... AGAIN I am still, and will always be a Braves fan. 5 more months until opening day! Enjoy the pics..

We were in the section to the right of the dugout, right in front of first base 4 rows up from the bottom!

The guys from Fox Sports South

The boys during the nation anthem

I love this boy!

My sister in law Patty was watching the game on tv and saw us!

Of course then next time they showed us I was eating a hot dog. lol


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