Thursday, November 3, 2011

Share your world Thursday

So I know that I already blogged today but.. I wanted link up with my blogger friend @ Stiletto's and a Fishing Pole and  participate in the first...

1. Go back five years, would you have pictured your life as it is now or would it have been different?  If so, how or why?
Five years ago I was 19 and just moving in with my soon to be husband in our first one bedroom apartment. My parents had just moved to North Carolina and I was truly on my own. Truthfully I would probably have pictured myself here and then some. Although I have accomplished a lot. I finally finished hair school and got my business and clientele up and running, I married my perfect soul mate, I traveled to London and Paris (Bucket List) and we bought our first home. There are a few things I wish I could add to the list of accomplishments but its all in Gods Plan.

2. In a perfect world with no attachments, my career would be...
exactly what is it. I could always use more clients (who needs sleep?) but other than that I'm happy. If I could have a second dream job it would be a tornado chaser!!!! I'm crazy, I know.

3. Name one thing you do {or don't do} that the world may think strange of you.
I have to shave my legs daily. I can not stand the feeling of jeans on prickly skin or even worse the way it feels against your sheets when you sleep. Sometimes if it was cold or a long day I'll do it again right before bed.

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1 comment:

Jessica Drew ♥ said...

How fun, a tornado chaser! I just got nervous when typing that. One of my best friends just announced this the other day, she too would love to do it. I thought, you.are.inSANE!!!
I'm interested, write a post about what makes you want to do this. I'd love to know.

My mother has the same craziness about shaving her legs. My dad has NEVER felt hair on her legs... E.V.E.R! kUDOS TO YALL! My hubby would LOVE for me to have this strange {not so much} must have!

Happy Saturday! Come back Thursday for more!