Monday, November 7, 2011

Manic Monday

Oh Monday... how I hate you.

1. Woke up still smelling like smoke from going to Harrah's Casino (in Cherokee, NC) this weekend.

2. Realized today that I have no winter clothes. Idk what happens to them every year but I have nothing!

3. People who call into work about every little ailment and cause my husband to work on his day off suck.

4. I need a little major attitude adjustment today. Do you ever get on your own nerves? I do.

5. I have been searching for my Twilight book for months. I finally broke down and bought my 6th copy today. I hate when people don't return things!

6. I really hate (I know I have complained about this before but it happens constantly) when people waste my time. In my business time is litterily money. When you constantly book hair appointments and consistently cancel last minute I lose my patience and thats when you get a PITA charge.

7. I hate doing laundry. My laundry room is beginning to scare me. Ugh.

8. Last but certainly not least... I am still heartbroken over Bama's loss this weekend. I'm not being a sore loser, I can admit when my team plays bad but I believe Alabama played better foorball Saturday evening. We had a rough night for the kickers but if it hadn't had been for that we would have had it. I am glad we only fell to #3 though. Sigh.

Hopefully I am not the only girl who hates Mondays.

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