Saturday, November 12, 2011

Phone Gallery

So this week has flown by. I went from having an attitude problem (aka PMS)to having a cold. I'll take pamprin and cramps over mucinex, nyquil and a runny nose any day. I will admit, I am being completely lazy tonight so instead of writing some amazing post I'm just going to show you the contents of my cell phone gallery.

Sweet niece Jamesleigh, always got that mouth open like a little birdie!

This is Brayden Ray! He is my friend Abbie's newborn!

There's me and my favorite girl!

Patrick loves her too!

David (little brothers best friend) getting a haircut. I gave him a Mr. T Mohawk for .25 seconds before I shaved it off. We thought it was picture worthy!

VIP Box seats at the Ronnie Milsap concert (ok so I only knew 2 or 3 of his songs but he was very entertaining!). Better than the seats? The free food and drinks!!!! }(Two of my besties Sam aka Scam (my nickname for her bc she is an Auburn fan) and Chelsea)

HA! Michele with floral picks in her mouth during craft night. I'll pay for this one!

Molly making her wreath during craft night!

Tiff and her epic fail of a craft. Notice the 3-4 inches of free space to the left and the missing letter on the end? Yeah, she was attempting to write "Happy Birthday Jesus"... FAIL ;)

My fun pinterest inspired Christmas wreath!

I went a little wreath crazy and made a few more...

And this one..

Me trying to get Patrick to take a pic with me. My flash is too bright and he always blinks.

Never fails..

Ok so this may be slightly inappropriate, however it was brought to my attention earlier this week and I just cant help but share. It gave me a good giggle.

My $310.50 Jackpot (from last weekend) on my favorite slot machine at Harrah's in Cherokee, NC.

Well, Goodnight Y'all!

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