Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What I'm loving Wednesday..

Linking up with Jamie again..

}I don't have very many things that I am loving today. It has been a completely awful day. Its my only off day with Patrick and I am sick. Not only am I still fighting the cold but I now have a stomach bug{

1. I am loving my husband today (and everyday). He has been delicately taking care of me all day. He has even ignored all the things he should be doing on his day off and crawled in bed to cuddle with me. Sweet boy.

2. I am loving my mommy today. The minute she heard I was sick she was here with Dr. Pepper (my crack), Chickfila chicken noodle soup (my fav!) and her loving mommy ways.

3. I am loving my sissy today.Coming to see me tonight And spending the day with me all day tomorrow watching movies and cuddling on our parents couch while she takes care of me <3

( I love you sissy You are my best friend and the best sister a girl could ask for)

^^ I've been blog hacked.. #3 has been edited by my little sister if you can't tell. Lol

4. I am loving sprite. Even though I have yet to keep any of it down it is cool and wonderful on my throat and tongue.

5. I am loving the Tornadic Activity we are having today. }Don't get me wrong: I am not loving the damage it is causing to homes and lives.{ Ever since I was a little girl I have been obsessed with storms. I have a dream of being a storm chaser. Every time there is bad storms or tornado's I watch the movie Twister. I love that movie and it is my go to movie in stormy weather.

6. I am Loving This get well soon video that my best friend and niece sent me.

That's about all of the loves I can come up with today. Sorry. :(

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Lauren said...

They were good loves! I'm praying you feel better sooon!! love you

I Do Declare said...

Feel better! I love CFA soup, too!