Friday, November 4, 2011

A sister is a friend for life..

Today is my little sisters twentieth birthday. I seriously can't believe it. I remember the day she was born. I was five and I had been waiting forever to meet my sister! When I saw her I was instantly in love but also disappointed and started to cry because she was not big enough to be my friend.
The day I met my sister.. 11/4/91
Growing up she was annoying. She was so cute and always stealing everyone's attention.
I used to have to take her everywhere with me. You couldn't help but love her though..
Mommy, Aimee and me.
Us with our great granparents.. Nannie and Poppie.

Us with Aunt Bessie.

Mom used to make us do things like this..
Thats right.. Matching Halloween costumes. 

Aimee was always making up random songs. Songs about her sippy cup, songs about Jesus.. come to think of it she still makes up random songs.. I guess some things never change. We used to have a shared bedroom when our brother Zack was born. When we moved into a bigger house we had separate rooms.. yet every night we still slept together. I couldn't sleep with out her. She's the sister that holds your hair when you are sick, crys when you've had your heart broken and stands behind you as your maid of honor and holds your bouquet at your wedding.

Boy, was I wrong (about her not being old enough to be my friend).. She is now my best friend, the one person I know that I can tell anything to and she would never stop loving me. Yes, I have other best friends too, but there is nothing like a sister-best friend. A sister is a friend for life.

We made these aprons when we were kids..

We love each other..

We've conquered the world together..

Happy Birthday Sissy... I love you.

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Stacy said...

Ok, I cried. You two are so special. I love you both so much! Happy Birthday, Aimee! :)

Lizzy said...

How amazingly lucky you both are to have each other and love each other so much!!!

Brittany said...

She sounds like an amazing woman! Happy Birthday to Aimee :)

melvin said...

Hello Amberly, very nice family. Have a great day.

Super Woman... Maybe said...

Oh way to go Amberly make me cry!! That was one of the sweetest things I have ever read! Love you both!